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Action Guides

Check out the Tax Prophet's Action Guides

The Action Guides cover the following topics: (1) Independent Contractor vs. Employee; (2) Tax Planning for Foreign Taxpayers; (3) Wealth Preservation Techniques; (4) Tax Strategies for Employee Stock Options; and (5) The Folly of Off-Shore Asset Protection Schemes.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness: Robert Sommers provides expert tax advice and analysis (as an advisor or expert witness) involving suspicious or complex U.S. and foreign tax issues and transactions, bogus asset-protection schemes, abusive tax shelters, phony "pure trust" arrangements and "sovereign citizen" arguments.

TV Appearances - Video Clips

1.  Power Lunch - CNBC - AMT/ISO Interview (3/19/01).


2.  CNN - Tax Scams on the Web - Senate Finance Committee hearing involving tax and trust scams on the web (4/5/01).


3.  CNNfn - Tough Call - AMT/ISO Discussion - A debate regarding reforming the AMT (7/5/01).


4.  Tech TV - Corporate Tax Deductions for Non-Qualified Stock Options.


Updated Monthly: Newsletters


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oIf you think you can avoid paying income taxes by using a "Pure," "Pure Equity," or "Constitutional" trust, check out the Tax Prophet's new  Tax and Trust Scam Bulletin Board and save yourself a lot of money and potential grief!

  April 5, 2001 -- Tax Prophet Testifies at Senate Finance Committee Hearing Regarding Tax Fraud on the Web.

At a Congressional hearing covered by major new organizations, Robert Sommers was one of five tax experts testifying before the U.S. Senate's Finance Committee.  Mr. Sommers spoke about the "pure trust" tax scam and how the web has increased the number of con artists promoting it.  Parts of his testimony appeared on CNN news and in the New York Times. 

Latest News, Newsletters and Postings


June, 2005 - Tax Prophet was quoted in the New York Times regarding KPMG's admission of criminal conduct regarding its abusive tax-shelter business.

Tax Prophet Newsletters


May, 2009 Is Your Life Insurance Policy Imploding?

April, 2009 Top Tax Scams for 2009

March, 2009 Limited Amnesty for Off-Shore Accounts

February, 2009 Swiss Bank Admits to U.S. Tax Fraud

January, 2009 The 2009 Estate Tax Roller Coaster


November, 2008 Swiss Secret Accounts Under Fire

October, 2008 Sarah Palin's Makeover - Tax Issues

September, 2008 Theft Loss Deduction

August, 2008 Residence Exclusion - New Limitation

July, 2008 Your Independent Contractor Business: Choice of Entity

June, 2008 Wheel of Fortune IRS Style

May, 2008 Foreign Bank Accounts

April, 2008 Wesley Snipes Headed for Club Fed

March, 2008 2008 Dirty Dozen Tax Schemes

February, 2008 The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

January, 2008 The Wesley Snipes Trial

Other Postings:

April, 2007 Memo: Tax Consequences of Stock Option Backdating

February, 2007 Memo: IRS Targets Private Annuity Trust Tax Ploy

February, 2007 Memo: Derivium Loan Update: IRS Targets Derivium Loan Transactions

January, 2007 Article: Recent Congressional Fix to the ISO AMT Tax Trap - intermediate

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