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The Tax Prophet's suggestions for intriguing Internet sites. Some of his favorite people can be found here as well.

CyberSurfing Index

Revised and updated: 5/21/2004

Note: These links are provided as a courtesy to you. Use at your own risk and verify the credentials of those providing the information.  The Tax Prophet does not endorse these sites and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided at these sites. A competent tax professional or attorney licensed in your state should always be consulted before utilizing any  information contained at these sites.

IRS Tax Forms and Publications

Tax Gateways (links to tax sites by category) Web Resources and Information Financial Resources
Noteworthy Tax Sites Travel Miscellaneous
Legal Directories and Resources Food  

Tax Resources

Critical Tax Websites

IRS Website Tax forms and publications, articles and links -- it is all here.

Quatloos - Published by Jay Adkisson, this is the leading website for tax scams and other frauds. A portal containing source materials (cases and rulings), commentary, articles and analysis of the law and the latest scams.

Quatloos contains the Tax_Protesters Forum, a must read for those interested in obtaining current postings, information and opinions regarding the latest tax and trust scams. The forum contains entertaining and sarcastic debates between attorneys and professionals who denounce the various scams posted in the forum and the tax scam promoters who defend them. Just click on the link "Tax Protestors, Pure Trusts, and Other Stupid De-Tax Schemes & Scams."

Also check out Jay's Asset Protection Website which debukes the myths about off-shore asset protection schemes.

Fairmark by Kaye A. Thomas, Attorney at Law. Kaye is an expert in employee stock options and capital gains, and has written books on these subjects.

Gateways - Comprehensive collection of Tax Web Pages

  Findlaw - Tax Section

A listing of tax sites throughout the Web..

Tax Sites

Another comprehensive listing of tax tax and accounting websites. 

ABA Tax Section

A thorough listing of tax gateways, individual websites and government sites (including court decisions on the web).

Roth IRA Website Home Page

A gateway for the new Roth IRA. This site includes web articles and Roth IRA conversion calculators. 

The Tax Scam Bulletin Board

Links to Anti-Trust Scam and Anti-Tax Protestor Websites - The Tax Prophet's links to websites exposing the futility of trust scams and the tax protester movement. 

Tax-Jobs.Com, Tax Links

A job placement bazaar for tax professionals that also contains a comprehensive tax links. 

Estate Planning Resources provides links to estate planning websites.

Noteworthy Tax Sites

Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro LLP Tax Page by Brian Wainwright

California's largest law firm has created a readable and interesting web site that contains advice aimed at their heavy-weight clientele. This cite contains the, Applicable Federal Rates interest rates used by the IRS for a variety of purposes.

IRS Tax Forms and Publications

A thorough collection of federal tax forms and publications provided by the IRS on-line (forms are in Adobe PDF format). Check out the fill-in forms. If you cannot download Adobe PDF files and don't mind paying for IRS forms, check out E1040.

The Internal Revenue Code On Line.

A searchable and hyperlinked version of the tax code ready for your exploration. There is no guarantee that the code found at this sight is a true and correct version -- user beware.

IRS Newsstand

An IRS cite containing information for the tax professional. Also, check out the IRS's Digital Daily.  Also, check out IRS's newest and sleekest website, designed for Small Business and the Self-Employed Community.  IRS has a tax scam website called Tax Fraud Alerts.

  Tax Notes News Wire

A daily tax report. A good source for up-to-the-minute tax developments.

California Franchise Tax Board

For those looking for California tax forms and information -- this is the place.

California Legislative Information

Find information regarding California legislation and existing statutes at this website.

Yahoo Yellow Pages - Tax Preparers

Looking for a tax preparer in your location, use Yahoo's amazing tax Yellow pages. Place your ZIP code in the box then on the following screen, choose "tax."

Tax Protestor's Hall of Fame

A collection of counter-arguments to the Tax Protestor movements favorite themes.

Legal Directories, Gateways and Resources

Yahoo - Law

Considered the best of the Internet directories, Yahoo has a comprehensive listing of available legal information on the Net. Yahoo gave the Tax Prophet a 3-star review. Check out their extensive collection of lawyer jokes.

Find Law

A search-engine like web site to assist you with legal research.

ABA Research Jumpstation

The American Bar Association's web site dedicated to Internet legal research.

The WWW Virtual Law Library

Another comprehensive site for locating legal information.

Legal Dot Net

Another comprehensive site for those looking for attorneys and legal articles of general interest. Excellent design and graphics.

Library of Congress

Retrieve legislation and other documents contained in the Library of Congress instantly from this site.


A consolidation of federal departments and information are contained at this site.

Professionals Online

A site containing a cross-section of business and professional web links.

U.S. Passport Applications

Download U.S. Passport application forms from this website.

Nolo Press

The premier self-help legal publisher has a complete inventory of its books which can be ordered on-line. There's even a section dedicated to lawyer jokes!

CIA World Fact Book

A thorough collection of information on each country in the world.

Web Resources and Information

Welcome to Microsoft.

Microsoft's homepage for downloading software updates.

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software.

An invaluable collection of free internet software. Test drive internet application and utility programs such as email and html editing programs.

Travel Sites

Cheap Tickets

A website that has travel information, including cheap tickets and hotel rooms.  A superior alternative to those better-known travel website.

The Trip Planner

Another site featuring travel information, including flight tracking.

Cyber Cafe Search Engine

Find a Cyber Cafe anywhere in the world.  A great resource for travellors checking their email.


San Francisco Chronicle's Food Review Section. 

A guide to the hottest and best restaurants in the Bay Area.

Zagat Restaurant Survey

A sample listing of restaurants organized by city from the famous Zagat restaurant guides. If you are looking for a restaurant in an unfamiliar city, go here first.

The Global Gourmet

One of the best food and cooking sites. 

  Epicurious Recipe File -

Over 8,000 recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines and other sources.  Type in your leftovers and find just the right recipe!

Financial Resources

The Financial Aid Information Page.

A collection of financial information for college-bound students and their nervous parents.

The Currency Site

A comprehensive website devoted to currency fluxuations and conversions.

The Finance Center

Lots of financial calculators, from retirement and credit card costs to auto loans, and just about everything in between.


 Bay Area Airport Home Pages:  San Francisco International; Oakland International; and San Jose International.

San Francisco Bay Area Transit Information

The source for Bay Area commuters.  Those using BART, there's an interactive schedule application.

San Francisco Exploratorium

An excellent example of how to design an educational, yet interesting, web page.

San Francisco Chronicle

The major San Francisco daily newspaper.  It sports an excellent restaurant review section.

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