Sidebar to March 28, 1999 Column

Tax Shopping On-Line

You no longer have to bother with tax forms and the mad dash to the post office by midnight. Check out these tax preparation and filing services on the Internet, or find yourself a local tax preparer.

On-Line Tax Preparation and Filing

For $19.95, you can file your federal income taxes (state taxes cost another $19.95) using Turbo Tax Online (

Or, check out SecureTax for both federal and state for $14.95 in total (

Tax Calculation, Preparation and Filing programs:

ZDNet's Tax Guide 99 (

Essential Link - Taxes (

Yahoo Finance (

Snap Tax Center (,4,nscp-9237,00.html?

Tax Prophet’s – February Hot Topics (listing of tax sites on the Web) (

Forms and Publications

IRS Forms: (

IRS Publications: (

Pub 17 - Your Federal Income Tax: This is the key federal publication for individuals. (

California Tax Forms: (

Other State Tax Forms: (

On-Line Tax Calculators

NetTax '9X - a full-scale tax calculation program : (

Curious about the size of your refund? H&R Block has an on-line tax refund calculator (

Need a tax preparer near where you live or work? Use Yahoo Yellow Pages (