Tax Shopping On-Line

This column, in slightly different format, originally appeared in The San Francisco Examiner Newspaper, March  7 , 2000.

Copyright 2000  Robert L. Sommers, all rights reserved.

NOTE:  The information in this FAQ appears in more detail in the March, 2000 Hot Topics: Income Tax Preparation and Assistance on the Web

Tax Shopping On-Line

Although you have two extra days to file your taxes (Monday, April 17), you no longer have to bother with tax forms and the mad dash to the post office. Check out these internet tax advice, preparation and filing services.

Best Places to Start

Essential Link - Taxes ( - The most wide-ranging and best organized collection of tax websites.

Yahoo Finance ( - Another comprehensive web page of tax-related information.

Snap Tax Center: (,566,-1355,00.html) - Also has an excellent collection of tax-related websites.

IRS Forms and Publications

IRS provides its forms and publications on-line:

IRS forms : ( A compilation of IRS forms you'll need to file your taxes.

IRS Publications: ( These are in-depth discussions organized by subject.

Check out the following "hyperlinked" publications located at (

Pub 4 - A Student's Guide to Federal Income Tax

Pub 17 - Your Federal Income Tax - The key publication for individuals.

Pub 334 - Tax Guide for Small Business (Schedule "C" filers).

State Forms and Publications

California Tax Forms ( - Go to the California Franchise Tax Board's website for the latest forms.

Other State Tax Forms ( - The website has links to those state tax forms on the Web.

Tax Advice Websites

Taxweb ( - A gateway website with an excellent FAQ section. ( - Contains topics for the wealthier taxpayer.

MSM Money Central ( - Check out Microsoft's entry into the tax arena.

Quicken Tax financial center ( - Also has answers to common tax inquiries.

The Tax Prophet's ( - a collection of Examiner columns.

On-Line Tax Calculators

For a free full-scale Java Form 1040 application, check out NetTax '9X (, a tax calculation program.

For a simple approximation of your tax liability, try the "Quickie Tax Calculator" by E-1040 (, a suite of java-based financial calculators.

For a suite of tax and financial calculators, go to (

On-Line Tax Preparation and Filing

For $9.95, you can file your federal income taxes using Turbo Tax Online ( or Tax Cut Online (

If you file a 1040EZ, you may be eligible to file your return using a touch-tone telephone. Details are on IRS's webpage (

Need a tax preparer close to your home or work? Use Yahoo Yellow Pages (

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